Dryness during intercourse is a problem that is relevant for many couples in which a woman has reached menopause. Due to the lack of natural lubrication, which is secreted into the vagina upon excitement, intimacy can be fraught with microtrauma and discomfort. To avoid this, doctors recommend using special means – lubricants. Using the right best lubricant for menopause allows you to achieve the necessary gliding of the penis inside the vagina and enjoy sex as before.

The Best Sexual Lubricant For Menopause

Depending on the main substance that is part of the product, the following types of intimate menopause lubes are distinguished:

  •  Oil. The best lubricant for menopause dryness on the oil basis contains vegetable or refined mineral oils. But despite the natural composition, a woman in menopause is not advisable to use this type of lubricant. Why? Because it is an oil lube that most often causes allergic reactions. In addition, to wash off such a moisturizer is not an easy task. Also, oils destroy latex and can lead to a violation of the integrity of the condom.
  •  Water. A lube of this kind is the most popular. The reasons for this are the affordable price, the practical absence of side effects, and the possibility of use along with condoms and sex toys. The best natural lubricant for menopause dryness on the water base will also by no means leave terrible stains on bedding after use.
  •  Silicone. Among the advantages of silicone lubricants, is the fact that, in comparison with water analogs, they do not dry longer. At the same time, they provide the necessary glide and are waterproof, that is, they can be used during lovemaking in the shower or pool. In addition, the best personal lubricant for menopause products can be used with a condom, as they do not have a damaging effect on latex. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the fact that silicone can leave marks on bedding and clothes. It is also worth considering that silicone products can not be used together with intimate toys made of silicone material.

Only the qualified specialist can choose the best lubrication option since the above is not a call to action, but only educational material. Before using any type of lubricant, consult your doctor.

Why Is The Use Of Best Lube For Menopause Necessary?

The best lubricant for sex after menopause is a tool that is applied to the walls of the vagina and penis before beginning intimate contact. Its main goal is to fill the lack of vaginal lubrication and alleviate frictions in menopause. In addition, some of them have additional effects – for example, prolonging, analgesic, and/or antibacterial.

Depending on the type of the best lubricant for menopause dryness, some of the nuances of its use may vary. However, in most cases, the main rule remains unchanged: lube should be applied before sexual intercourse begins and is washed off with warm water and soap or gel for intimate hygiene after it has ended (the exception is gels with a contraceptive effect).