Facing a follicle test by which you need to prove that you are drug-free is a stressful experience. Knowing that you put your life on the line makes you reach for any solution there is, right? Okay, don’t think extreme illegal solutions, there’s no need for any of that.

If you’re about to go through the follicle test, all you need to do is to get a detox shampoo and follow the instructions written in there. Detox shampoos allow you to pass the test without the technicians realizing you’ve been doing drugs in the past three or so months. See more about this topic here:

In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the 5 most popular detox shampoos right now. Before making a choice, you need to know that receiving a positive result on this will most certainly cost you your job or whatever is put on the line. Read on and learn more!

Aloe Rid Old formula

This is the most famous and the most popular detox shampoo on the market at the moment. It is also the least affordable. You’d ask how it is possible to be the most expensive and most popular at the same time? Well, every good product comes at a high price.

The real reason for this is that this is the only product that’s almost 100% efficient. There’s no bad review and no failed test from people who followed instructions. They are definitely a little complex, that for sure. Not complicated, but complex. they are easily understandable, but you need to put yourself into this if you want to come out clean on the test.

Why complex? Because for perfect results you need to spend at least 10 days of washing your hair 4 times a day. Having long beautiful hair? Cut it in time if you’re about to smoke some marijuana. If you do this prior to the test, your employer will get the message and you’ll be fired without even doing the examination.

The reason for all this washing up is to completely get rid of the toxins inside your follicles. It takes a lot of time to fully wash everything, but the good thing is – once you do it, you can smoke again and there’s no risk of getting caught. Of course, you need to continue with the regular rinsing, but you’re safe for the follicle test. If you’re not sure whether you rinse properly, see this link.


This shampoo and cleaner provide great 24-hour protection which is enough time to take the test and pass. However, the reviews are not on their side. A lot of people complain that it didn’t work for them but if you combine this one with some of the other products from the competition turns out it’s great.

The price is really great and that’s why people choose it. Still, if you can afford another product with it, don’t hesitate to purchase another one.


This one is proven as a good choice, but you can’t use it too often. the chemicals inside are very strong and might damage your hair permanently if you use it more than once. The way to use it by washing with it the day of the testing and that’s it.

So, if the examination is moved for the next day, you’ll have to get something else. The price is pretty affordable, but you need to be sure that you’ll have use of it at the exact day you put it on your head.

Clear Choice

Clear Choice is a famous brand for keeping people safe from all kinds of drug tests. Among the other, they have a follicle test kit that’s made of this detox shampoo. The thing is, it’s not your best choice. The effectiveness is only 8 hours after applying and the price is still something that’s not perfect.

It is still better than some other products and you can clearly see this by the reviews of the customers. Some shampoos only have negative comments, while this one is ranking pretty okay compared to others.


Synergy detox

This is probably not the best choice to make. The effectiveness is the same as Sarken but the price of it is double. It works if you combine it with other products and using the right methods. Otherwise, you only get to spend money on something that won’t save you.


As you can see, there’s only one sure choice. Everything else is just playing Russian roulette. Put some effort into it and make sure your life is secured. What you need to do before the test is to keep cool and act like everything’s normal. Learn more about it here:

What you absolutely mustn’t do is shave your hair. The employer might be evil but is not stupid. They’ll know you’re trying to cover up something and will get you fired without even doing the test.