The 1990s were a decade of fashion that was hugely influenced by the pop culture of the era – many different artists, from Will Smith to the Gallagher brothers had a huge influence on the fashions of this decade.

This was the first decade that saw Sky TV hit huge global audiences all over and with that came a wider than ever before audience, as well as for the first time the ability for many people to watch music, programmes and sports from all around the world, meaning that the fashion world exploded!

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After the power dressing and smart attire of the 80s, the 90’s breezed in like a breath of fresh air v- no matter whether you favoured gangster rap or grunge, the style was cool, comfy and casual – jeans and trouser legs became wider, logo t-shirts and baggy shirts were perfect day to day wear. Shaking off the 80’s try-hard excesses and having a more relaxed and cooler image was what the 90’s fashions were all about.

Sportswear also hit the mainstream fashion world in this era – as well as the music superstars, sports stars were admired both for their game as well as their fashion sense and sporting clothing became one of the most popular looks of the decade.

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With the 90’s having a huge revival at the moment in the world of fashion, it is no surprise that clothing such as this Tommy Hilfiger menswear is becoming more and more popular.